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About The Farazjam Kenareh Company

About the company

Farazjam Elevator & Escalator Company has launched its activities in 2010.

Farazjam Elevator Company designs, manufactures, sells and maintains traction elevators including two-speed, single -speed, systems implementation Gearless (no gearbox) and roomless machine (no motor cabins) that are lifts of a new generation of engines. Hydraulic jacks and power unit also include various types of passenger lifts, patient, car, porters and elevator Panoramic Glass with international standards utilizing the technical knowledge, expertise and technical support services. Farazjam Elevator Company is the largest manufacturer and maintainer of people- moving products, including elevators, escalators and moving walkways in the north of Iran. We are dedi­cated to providing superior customer service with an emphasis on personal customer relationships. Our strength is our employees’ dedication to teamwork, commitment to excellence, and focus on continuous improvement. Farazjam Elevator Company is a Total Moving Solution Provider that supplies a full series of elevators, escalators, automated material handling systems, and so on. We at Farazjam Elevator Company do our best to create a comfortable and convenient future through the creation of maximum movement value from our technology and experience. Our Company maintains a large portfolio of lift and escalator equipment. In addition to serving our own client base, we provide nationwide troubleshooting services to the whole lift industry with working partnerships across the Iran.

Our Company can undertake maintenance on all makes and types of lifts and escalator, its in-depth knowledge of the industry allows efficient sourcing of spares, early diagnosis of faults and the implementation of the necessary remedial actions with a minimum of fuss, disruption to normal service, inconvenience and cost.

Farazjam Elevator Company employs highly skilled and motivated “senior technician” field personnel to troubleshoot problem lifts and escalators. Aided by an extensive technical database, we provide this expertise to lift companies, management companies and individual lift owners nationwide. “We will not promise more than we can deliver—we will deliver more than we promise.”


Farazjam Service assures that your elevators and escalators are always available. The industry’s most highly trained technicians, supported by an entire global network of maintenance experts, are there to reduce service calls and keep your equipment running.

Our aim is to exceed your expectations by delivering maximum reliability, fewer service calls and exceptional customer satisfaction.

We’re here to get you there.

Dear visitor,

 Thank you for visiting our company’s website, please visit their different sections, and if you would like to ask any question and technical information or to request our price list, keep in touch.

Phone: +98-11-35650122

Phone (Technical unit): +98-11-35650184

Email: Info[att]farazjam.ir


Thanks and best regards,

Farazjam Elevator & escalator Company

Our engineers & technical personnel are available 24 hrs of the day, every day of the year.

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